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11th Los Angeles Environmental Forum

Improve Air Quality and Protect Water Resources

August 7 – 11, 2018 | San Gabriel Hilton, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Presented by SCCAEPA

EST in 1991

The Southern California Chinese American Environmental Protection Association was established in 1991. Its mission is to promote environmental knowledge in the Chinese community, increase exchanges among members, and participate in and serve the environmental protection community and the Chinese community.

Industrial Impact

SCCAEPA is focused on creating a global brand for Chinese environmental workers. It has successfully held several international environmental conferences and seminars. The number of participants and the international influence have been expanding year by year.


The Association has more than 500 registered members who work in scientists, engineers and government administrators roles in US government agencies, academia, and environmental consulting companies. More than 90% of the members have master's or doctoral degrees.

Annual Events

SCCAEPA presents a one-week training seminar and special conference in San Gabriele, Los Angeles, in August each year. It also held special training seminars and international exchange seminars from time to time.

Preliminary Schedule

August 7 – 8, 2018, Tuesday and Wednesday: Special Workshop

Special Workshop: Air Pollution Prevention Technologies and Government Management

  1. Overview of Air Quality Management- Strategic Planning & Problem Solving
  2. Monitoring and Data Analysis- Identification of Air Quality Problems
  3. Emissions Inventory – Identification of Emission Sources, Methods of Data Gathering, and Applications
  4. Air Quality Modeling – Discussions of Tools, Applications, and Limitations
  5. Control Strategy Development
  6. Permitting Programs
  7. Enforcement Programs
  8. Public Outreach
  9. Overview of Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) and It’s Applications
  10. Near-Zero Emission and Zero Emission Technology Options for Cargo and Port Air Quality Management
August 9, 2018, Thursday: Site Visit

The Los Angeles Environment Forum will arrange great site visits each year. The visiting projects include various government departments, laboratories, and demonstration projects. If you are interested in on-site visits, you can choose a program to include the site visit at the time of registration, or select “Site Visit Only”.

  1. Air pollution control project and monitoring system
  2. Large Environmental Analysis Laboratory
  3. Contaminated Site Remediation Project (Multiphase Extraction, Drilling Geophysical Exploration Technology, Groundwater Treatment, etc.)
  4. Sponge City Project
  5. Rainwater Management
  6. Ecological Restoration Project
August 10-11, 2018, Friday and Saturday: Forum Conference

Forum Conference: Improve Air Quality and Protect Water Resources

  1. Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  2. Air Pollution Control and Air Quality Management
  3. Government Management for Environmental Protection
  4. Site Characterization and Conceptual Site Models
  5. Soil and Groundwater Contamination Cleanup
  6. Remediation Technologies and Applications
  7. Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Watershed Management
  8. Solid Waste Management and Recycling
  9. US National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
  10. Lake and Reservoir Management for Eutrophication
  11. Low Impact Development (LID) and “Sponge City”
  12. Marine Environmental Protection and Coastal Environmental Management
  13. Brownfield Redevelopment and Land Use Management
  14. Water Resource Protection and Sustainable Management (Drought, Flood, and Emergency Management)
  15. Environmental Protection and Public Health
  16. Contamination Prevention and Cleanup for Farmland and Mine

About LAEF

Watch the video to learn more about LAEF. A presentation by LAEF President (Dr. Weixing Tong) and Vice-President (Dr. Jun Lu). (Chinese Only)

The LAEF is set to keep up with the current international environmental protection situation and is very rich in content. The guests who participated in the lectures are the top tier experts in the field of environmental engineering and management. The contents of the speeches were wonderful. The site visited the project is very high quality, and has the patience of the experts to escort with the professional explanation, it is an eye-opener and unforgettable.

2017 Attendee

Event Registration

For any question and special request, please contact Dr. Weixing Tong: +1 (909) 632-6006, Email:

*Note: The registration fee will be restored to original price after June 15, 2018: Special Workshop price is $400/person, Site Visit price is $200/person, Conference price is $300/person, and All LAEF Events price is $900/person. Student registration enjoys a 50% discount. The registration fee covers lunch and dinner, on-site visits to transportation, training materials, certificates and other expenses.

Other Event Services

Request VISA Invitation

The organizer SCCAEPA of the LAEF convention can issue an invitation to visit the United States. If you and your team members need an invitation letter to the United States, please complete the form below or contact us directly.

Call for Abstract

Topics are limited to research work related to environmental issues. The research work may include on-going research or published after July 2017.

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