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On April 14th to 15th, 2018, the Southern California Chinese-American Environmental Protection Association (SCCAEPA) held a special workshop and training seminar on Soil and Groundwater Remediation at the Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel, California. More than 40 experts, scholars and engineers engaged in this field are invited from both China and the United States. The workshop, presented in Chinese, covers various aspects of soil and groundwater remediation, including site investigation and assessment, remediation technologies, risk management and governmental management in environmental protection. Additionally, on April 13th, Dr. Tong and other SCCAEPA Board members organized onsite visits for all participants at several contamination clean-up sites and facilities of groundwater treatment system within Los Angeles area, including the groundwater well head treatment system at City of Santa Monica and the project extracting groundwater for remediation at Shell gas station. The most anticipated visit is the groundwater clean-up treatment system at City of Glendale, which is regulated under the U.S. Federal Environmental Protection Agency’ Superfund Program. As a successful case of responding to drought in Southern California, it provides an effective example for the practitioners and enterprises in China in terms of regulation and technology. The officer of Soil and Groundwater Remediation Fund Management Board of Taiwan EPA and managers from two Taiwan environmental companies also joined trip.

The round table discussion at the end brought a successful conclusion to the workshop. Everyone attending the seminar expressed their opinions on current status and future development of the market and industry of soil and groundwater remediation in China. This workshop has also established a platform for global Chinese environmental scientists, engineers and professionals to exchange information and share experience in the field of soil and groundwater remediation regarding clean-up technologies, mode of development and regulatory management.